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Door Sills

Sill Finishes
Aluminum (Mill)
Bronze Anodized
Brass Anodized

Types of Sills

Composite Adjustable Sill
Advanced technology sills are made of all-composite substrates, synthetic caps and nosing. These integrated materials prevent the sill from rotting, warping or deteriorating over time.

Continuous Sills
By providing a continuous sill across the door unit, you receive a better fit that prevents leaks. Patented inactive Sidelite Seats are repositional for Mull or Patio System convenience.

Fixed Inswing
This sill is perfect for garage and utility doors, and comes with a convertible cap to allow easy conversion to an adjustable cap.


Fixed Outswing Bumper
Ultimate protection with increased pressure against the door that produces a tight seal and provides excellent protection for high exposure areas.

ADA Compliant Thermally Broken
By incorporating a dam that meets ADA height requirements, a better seal is created between the door & sill, while providing ease of entry

Sill Covers
Composed of a durable material, Sill covers give valuable protection against damage to the sill during construction.

 Z-Series Sills

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